Temptations — It's Summer lyrics

Outside my window,a robin builds a nest
At last,winter's gone away to rest.
Once again the leaves have returned to the trees.
I can just feel that soft summer breeze.

(Chorus) There;s magic in the air-winter's disappeared'It's Summer

Children will be playing inthe park.Days will be longer till dark'

Aperfect setting for a girl and a guy.
There's magic in the air-green grass everywhere,It;s Summer!

Don't you know it's summertime(time time time)and the living is easy
(so easy).Summertime(time-time-time)and the living is easy(so easy).
NOW that summer's here there'll be plenty of things to do,vacation near or far-whatever pleases you.There's magic in the air-greengrass everywhere-it's summer(3 times!!!
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Songwriters: Whitfield, Norman J. / Strong, Barrett
It's Summer lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC