Ten Hands — I Was Confused (About The Television Set) lyrics

(Slavens, Muller, Brand)
I watched the news just the other day
And there's just one thing that I must say
It gave me a pain
Right in the middle of my head
The newsman came on with his face
And told me about the big disgrace
Let me know just how many people got dead
And I got down, it brought me down
So I got up
And turned it off
That left me alone with my thoughts
And a great big pain
Right in the middle of my head
And I was confused
I didn't know what to do
I watched a show just the other night
And I must say something was not right
How come people on television's weird in the head
Well they won't show s** but they show a lot of killing
Guess it must be better to show blood spilling
Than to let little junior see two naked people in bed
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