Thanatos — War lyrics

Sent out to fight for my country Sent out to kill not to reason why My country is at war with yours Because of that I'll kill Our governments did not agree, So they decided to break the peace Calling out a state of war Commanding us to fight at the front Bodies lie all around... See them rotting, smell the stench Napalm descends from the skies Causing autopsy whilst being alive Peeling the skin from my face Burning my flesh, eroding my bones Maggots crawling out of my eyes Eating my eyeballs but I'm still alive (Solo: erwin) As I lie here rotting, waiting for my death, Spilling forth thick streams of blood and pus, I wonder what the fuck have I been fighting for.... Dying after being used like a whore.... War; stupidity beyond imagination Death; the result of this monstrous creation (Solo: erwin)(Solo: stephan)(Solo: erwin)
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