The Animals — Stop lyrics

Stop what youґre doinґ, baby come a little closer to me.
Tell me all your troubles, tell me evґrything;
Iґll give you sympathy.

Youґre not supposed to say no,
But when you do,
I canґt control myself (control myself)
Youґre not supposed to refuse;
My love for you will make you satisfied sleep,
Lord, Oh (come on, baby)(satisfied)

Stop feelinґ sorry, donґt you know
Iґll give you anything you say.
(What I say)
Look inside my lonely room and tell me
Do you really dig my lonely ways.

Youґre not supposed....................

Dream on, dream on, dream on...........
Stop it, baby!

Youґre not supposed to say no but when you do,
I get upset inside.
Youґre not supposed to say no when do
I canґt control (myself, myself, myself)
Hey! You better stop it, baby!

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