The Casket Lottery — For Apples lyrics

Late at night lately it seems like you need me. or just maybe that's my hopes speaking clearly. it would be nice to be a necessity. but just someone you see before you sleep, is good enough for me. someone you see before you sleep is good enough for me. sometimes I say wrong, and I know it. I stand on your fault lines to set you off. I'm sorry if I ever wasn't honest. its just me, I'm afraid I guess. there's some problems with our problem solving if our time feels wasted. if I can take the time to find solutions, I will take it. take it. I lie awake at night at watch you sleep. sometimes I wish the night would just go on and on and on. but late at night lately, it seems like you hate me. but just don't walk out like that! don't leave me. there's some things we need to work out just come back, come back.
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