The Long Winters — Copernicus lyrics

We caught an honest buzz
You caught us
Called it dangerous

I doubt I made a sound
You thought it was erotica
It was erotic

You called a cough a smile
Now I can't tell glad from ill
You doubt my world is round
You're right I was Copernicus

You don't have to wait to come undone
Not about the night we hung Old Leigh

Hail and rain on the lake tonight
Into the lake now
Way to go

Someone made a mistake tonight
And they're blaming it all on you

Swimming told me you waited too long
Wait for the light now
Way to go

Hold the rope they're going to hang you from
They're blaming it all on you

That's between the birds and the worms
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Songwriters: John Roderick
Copernicus lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.