The Maddigans — Taking Chances, Placing Bets lyrics

Sneaking out my window
Where does the time go?
It's wearing me out
I've got my high hopes
And fool's gold
I'm ready to bounce

You think you know what's best for me, You don't
I can't make you see, I won't
I don't mean to leave
While you're breaking down
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Too late I'm on my way out
You know I've got other plans
Than to be everything that you need of me
(This is how it has to be)
Too late I've got my mind set
On better things to come
I don't mean to leave
That part of me
But this is how it has to be

I know we're gonna be on our own
I dare you to slow us down
You better watch your back
When you run your mouth

I'm taking chances
And I'm placing bets
On the things I love
And the ones we left back home
It slipped my tongue
But I think I meant it all
It all

Is it worth the tragedy?
Is this really what we need?
I never meant to leave
While you're breaking down

I'm gone and I'm not stopping
'Til they're singing our songs
I hope that you understand