The People's Blues Of Richmond — Satisfied lyrics

Well I come home in the evening
Drink my fill at night
Can't help but think to myself
'i must be doing something right'

Don't come and see me in the morning, baby, you know I'm sick in bed.
I've got an ailing in my stomach, lord,
And an aching in my head.

I got this evil woman, won't let me be
I got this evil woman, wants to make an evil man out of me.

I got this evil woman, lord, she come and see me when I'm sick in bed
Says she loves the way I'm living but she wants me dead.

People keep talking, babe
About the fancy things they've been buying
People keep telling me, darling, about how slowly they've been dying!
Well I could never be satisfied, but uh,
That don't keep me from trying.

I meant to quit you
Lord knows I tried
I meant to tell it to you straight darling but oh! How I lied
I can't quit you big woman, no,
You kept me oh so satisfied.
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