The People's Blues Of Richmond — Wanna Be Your Man lyrics

Do you have to look so sad and down?
Do you have to sell those silly frowns?
Are you worried baby about money in the bank?

Well I know I've been drunk and dirty
But I'll be on my feet by 11:30
Oh I've still got gas in my tank
And I wanna be your man.

(Be your man)
Wanna be your man
(Be your man)
Wanna be your man
(Be your man)
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Well get up baby and let's get down
I'm weary from wanderin' round
Bring that whiskey bottle over here.

I've been in and out of these clubs and bars breaking pint-glass hearts
With cold guitars and I sold my soul for a swig of cheap beer,
Now I wanna be your man.


Well I know that I can be a manic
With my ups and downs and calm and panic
But oh baby, keep me part of your plans.

I'll stay strong, hard, kind, and true
Give all my love to only you
Well, I don't think you think I can,
Be your man!