The Reason — Subways In Pittsburgh lyrics

So tense, so strong when subtleties are solemn spoken and seldom. So this beat will keep going on whether you pass out or I'm drunk in Bristow. I'm sorry, but where were you when all we had was topsoil? For friends in need, have filter. Take heed and knock it all down, I'll build it again. Sometime you'll see this, somehow you'll know. Some day someone will say I told you so. Is this what you believe? Is this what you wanted to recieve? So you can learn how to think properly, when logic and reason shall repeat? Is this what you believe? We've been lucky so far, but Sara warned me about drives like these, they're so... I know who my friends are, I know my place in this spectrum (where my seats are). I'm sorry, but there's certain things I don't discuss at Subways in Pittsburgh or through Buffalo. This ride could last forever. Take heed and knock it down. I'll smile and build it right back up again, so come and sever. Remember not to worry, for when you're gone I'll call you when it's over.
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