The Reason — The Joke And The Gentleman lyrics

So pucker up and kiss the ass that you would kill to kick. Because I hate to see you suffer, but it's the toughest of it that keeps my bones thick. I wonder what it takes to be a man. I take a look at my reflection, and then I look at you. I still don't understand. Suck it up and chill, the beat goes on and on, my friend. I know reality is a bitch, but buddy, where were you when she needed you then? Do I even have to say? Considering everything that you said but not once to me. If we're taking this to war, I sing a song of battle. I can feel it in my throat, but buddy I'm not wasting all my time. Until then, we've got a score to settle. Every promise that you broke will be the words you choke on. If you grow up, I'll watch my back if you watch where you spit. I'm the king of confrontation, but something tells me that you're just not worth it. So laugh it off or take your shot. The cuts can hurt so bad. I'm giving this the best I got, 'cause this is the best I've ever had... If anything should happen there's something you don't want to witness. This is passion. This is my gut reaction. If anything should happen, son, it's on. Don't you forget this. It's over. Watch your winter turn colder. It's over and your December is that much colder.
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