The Resonance — Lee Lee lyrics

Tutup tutup tutup (4x)

Yesterday I asked my mama
Mama could you please tell me the road from here
That I could take
She said
Lee lee (5x) lekene mo sochi ma e (2x)

In my days as I could see
All of my potentialities
Hang like a spell in my dreams
I need to spring back I....
I need reality

Lee lee (5x) lekene mu oh!
Sochi ma e (echo)
Lee lee (7x) lekene mu oh

Nem anya, anom ebe a
Chukwu muo nso
Gbadata e
Echezokwana nwa gi e
Onye nwem o
Gbapute mu e


Is it just a waste of time
To hope and dream and fantasize
I guess its time to realise
All I have got inside oh..

Lee lee (5x) lekene mu o
So chi ma eh
Lee lee (7x)
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