The Righteous Brothers — Just Once In My Life lyrics

There's a lot of things I want
A lot of things that I'd like to be
But girl I don't foresee
A rags to riches story for me
There's just one little dream
I've got to make come true
There's just one round I've got to win
I can't be a loser with you


And baby, baby
Just once in my life
Let me get what I want
Girl, don't let me down
Just once in my life
Let me hold on to
The good thing I've found
Don't let me down
Baby, say that you'll be stayin'...

'Cause I couldn't face the day
If you weren't here by my side
And if you went away
Then I'd be left without any pride
I've given up on schemes
'Cause every one fell through
I've given up so many things
Don't ask me to give up on you

(Repeat Chorus)

That old pot of gold
Ain't so easy to find
But if you'll stand by me
Girl, I'll keep peace of mind
I can't give you the world
But I will work hard for you, girl
Yes, I'll work hard (everyday)
All my life (you will see)
If you won't leave me (baby, don't leave)
Please don't leave me (oh no don't leave)
Just do this for me, baby

(Repeat chorus twice & fade out)
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