The Royal Knockout — Hollow Guarantees lyrics

Hush, hush child. It was only a bad dream.
I’ll treat you to your every need.
I’m the fear that’s held you close,
And I promise I will be here if you need me.
Pacing figure eights and racing to the funneled shade,
Hand in hand I’ll spin you like lovers dancing in the rain.
But don’t look down. The sorrow of the scene,
When you trample on your everything
As you circle round with me.

How easy it seems to me.
To give into the whispers as they sing.
Lay down your guns, and hear the sweet
Sound of this guarantee.

Gracious loving host, please won’t you dine with me today.
Take in all you can handle, leaving nothing in your wake.
Now your head is spinning, and like a drunk you dance around.
This twister of a choke hold has your
Feet just hanging off the ground.
And this ever-shrinking pleasure has you reaching for the floor.
You wake up to disaster not in Kansas anymore.
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