The Superbs — Baby, Baby All The Time lyrics

There are 8 million stories in the big city this is mine
Baby ohhh baby
Once I had a man as sweet as he cloud be
Once I had a man he was so right for me he called me (baby baby all the time)ohhh
He said baby try to see(try to see)
Baby understand (understand)
Baby your for me won't you take my hand
But I pushed him away(far away)
Wouldn't let him near
Pushed him far away(far away)
Now I'm wishing I could hear him call me (baby baby) all the time oooo baby
Lonely through the days lonely through the nights
Lonely lonely hours without that guy I held so tight
Lord I pray that you listen to my plea
Help him to forgive so he'll come back to me and call me (baby baby) all the time
Baby baby baby baby come home to me
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