The T4 Project — 15 Minutes lyrics

Flash bulb, snap-shot, sure thirig, dead spot. A porno for the people's hungry eyes. News clip, brain dead, televised hatred. I'm staring through a void I don't recognize. Static begins to pulse a little harder as helicopters fill your pretty head. We see things you'll never see through shiny black eyes that always know. Static! Static! So here we go into the unknown again. Will you bring it back down? Bring it back down real slow, show me that you care. All of this means nothing so let's find a way to break it all down. Break it all down and we'll find another way. I crashed my car just to watch it burn, and I broke myself on the modern world. I do believe, I don't believe, and I'll resolve myself, and I'll be just fine. Well, I lost my mind when I learned to see the whole world's open in front of me. Prophesize the white-noise lies, the delivery of the people's hearts and minds. We're under. We're under the sky falling, downed satellite. Unblinking eyes surround me. I walked all night to another part of town I'd never been before and I saw America. Just fine, bleeding in the streets, forgiven, and obese. Side effects rise, pharmaceutical lives - Here we are, America.
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