The T4 Project — Protest lyrics

Am I alone? I don't think so. I'm not the only one that's set against the backdrop of humanity. My question asked is the lie you offer me. Here we stand in the new reality, the face of change is not one you can see. It's in the need to be a little more, to let true power to be spoken for. Don't close your eyes to the awakening, the darkest part has yet to come away again. The darkest part has yet to come. This ain't about us against them, it's how can we be one again. Everywhere I look, the hypocrisy, that has made bedfellows out of you and me. Another day another dollar made, miseducate then steal the soul away. A systematic suicide, too brilliant for the human eye. Don't close yourself and pass the blame again. We've all been bought, we've all been sold, now here we are; breathless in the vim that's left us. Here we stand, alone no more! Slaves and pawns wake up one day! Don't close your eyes and try awakening.
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