The Tears — M.U.S.I.C. lyrics

M. You. S. I. C.

The rhythm is our life
Every day and every night

If the moon is up or the sun is shining bright
We're surrounded by this miracle

It's not lyrical
A universal language that's so beautiful

I know... rhythm is what we need
I know... rhythm is unity
I want... everyone to join and sing with me

M. You. S. I. C.

This is what we need
In this world community to get unity

M. You. S. I. C.

This is what we need
This world language is made to succeed

Doesn't matter where you're from
Doesn't matter 'cause it's strong

No matter which state through music we communicate
And if you're down or if you're sad

Are you fed up with everything
Just listen to the rhythm and feel the swing

I know... music will succeed
I know... music is all we need

Music... makes us feel alright and our life so bright
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