The Tossers — Phoenix Park lyrics

In the park I sat down withy my love,
And not a thing was wrong.
The sun shone down from above,
And not a thing was wrong.

And I go to where our voices paired,
And leapt from off the stone.
And that's the voice that I still here whenever I sing alone, alone.
Whenever I sing alone.

Not many a thought did I abide,
Nor was I help when things went wrong.
At the cemetery by your graveside,
Now everything is wrong.

Well I know exactly where I'm going,
And God knows who I adore.
Tho' my prayers did ask to take my pain,
I wish I could've taken yours much more.

Phoenix Park in summertime,
Gathering by day and night.
By the hearth in wintertime,
Gathering just to say goodbye.
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Songwriters: Aaron Lee Duggins, Anthony David Broderick, Anthony J Duggins, Clayton Allen Hansen, Michael Pawula, Patrick Daniel Shaw, Rebecca Brooke Manthe
Phoenix Park lyrics © Another Victory Publishing