The Warren Brothers — Where Did I Go Right lyrics

We all make decisions,
That some of you've gotta live with.
Some of you just pretend they don't exist.
Me, I've made some bad ones,
In the name of having fun,
And you pay the price it's just the way it is.
When I look back on my life I think,
Where did I go right?

I've never been to prison,
But sometimes the way I'm livin',
Feels like a cage is wrapped around my soul.
The problem of problems,
Is sometimes you just can't solve 'em
And if you've never lived you've never known.
You're still here with me tonight,
Where did I go right?

How'd I dodge the bullets with my name on every one,
When better men then me haven't had my love?

Oh, I've hurt the ones that love me
And loved the ones that hurt me,
I'm tryin' hard to be somebody else.
Where the road was leadin', had no rhyme or reason
And there were times I stopped believin' in myself.
But I'm still singin' here tonight,

Where did I go right?
Where did I go right?
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