Theatre Of Ice — In The Attic lyrics

In the attic neath a blood-stained bed
Lies a doll with a bashed-in head
It's coal black eyes stare off into space
Searching for a glimpse of Johnny's face

Where oh where is Johnny
Where oh where can he be
Where oh where is Johnny
Gone on over the sea

At the end of a dimly lit hall
A tiny skeleton hides behind the wall
Covered by photos for all to see
He waits to rejoin his family

In the churchyard
Round the gravestones
Dance the children
Of the unknown
Thru the rainstorms
In the red mud
Dance the children
Covered in blood

Some night when the thunderstorms arise
And lightning flares across the blackened skies
The ghost of a child murdered in its sleep
Will return its vengence to reap
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