Theophilus London — Big Spender lyrics

Good lookin', so refined
Say wouldn't you like to know what's going on in my mind?
So let me get right to the point
I don't pop my cork for every guy I see
Hey big spender
Spend, a little time with me

[Verse 1: theophilus london]
This here is givenchy, 900 dollar jeans homie
All these girls be raunchy, like let me see your peen homie
She tryna cause a scene, but I'm in paris with my team
Walking slow like I'm on lean, damn a n***a jewelry look so clean
I occasionally ball in lanvin, I ain't talking 'bout jim jones
N***a, I'm talking 'bout hooping up, expensive shirt, breaking bones
F**k yo rolex, roll up homie, roll that kush, blow that homie
Oh stop that, the po-po on me, uh s**t out the window
We just getting saucy in aussie, we bossy
Tryna bring back the term bling bling cause we flossy
You brought snapbacks back, well that's a cool accomplishment
I'm on the other side, on another globe on a conference


[Verse 2: a$ap rocky]
F**k that s**t I'm too throwed, pretty n***a my jewels gold
Pinky ring and my tooth gold, your main b***h is my new hoe
Boss n***a like hugo, rolex or the hublot
N****s taking my s***w flow, they tryna jack it like new clothes
Purple drank make me move slow, same s**t, different day
Spanish b***h, she sniffing yay, she say (yuuup!) that trigga trey
Like hit that strip, I'm flipping yay, like f**k that s**t, I'm getting paid
I f**k that b***h, I'm getting laid, I hope that b***h go different ways
I get 'em wild, I'm getting by, tell 'em roll that s**t, I'm getting high
I'm tipping low, I'm sitting high, this young harlem m**********are getting fly
Purple lean, purple weed, got that s**t, n***a what you need?
Me and theo had a trio with these b*****s from belize

Good lookin', so refined
Say wouldn't you like to know what's going on in my mind?
So let me get right to the point-

[Verse 3: theophilus london]
F**k that
Home boy, I'm never home, I'm not even in my continent
In a town, I can't pronounce this s**t, this is more than confidence
F**k your continental breakfast, you incompetent
My nickname international, my accent changed by accident
It's soho house put your phone away, I don't give a f**k who ya protege
I'm from brooklyn, I f**k with jay, time to time, I chill with 'ye
? N***a they? So fly like oh my gosh
Yea, we selling out girls, girls money yelling out
Planking cause they bored, n***a need a new hobby, need a new body
You the biter, you the new hottie, you a stylist, wait in my lobby
N***a dance like bobby, tryna get like 2 cribs for my mommy
That ain't guap, b***h that's wasabi, tell rich I'm the face of tommy
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