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Have you ever seen a road so open and wide, Every man swears one day they'll take this stride. No lights to guide us, No lanes to keep us in. Do you know the destination? Welcome to the city of sin. The City of Sin, The City of Sin. The streets and lights have left us. Where hve the bricks and mortar gone? No windows to reflect our faces, The crimes still linger on...Live tonight for pleasure. Live tonight to win, Live tonight for pleasure. Lose yourself within, The City of Sin. Why have we survived, If everything we have has died? The car in which we drive, Is burning holes in your starlit eyes. Burning holes in your starlit eyes, Burning holes in your starlit eyes. It never is, it never was. There never is, there never wa. It never is, it never was. A City of Sin, City of Sin, City of Sin. Live tonight for pleasure, Live tonight to win. Live tonight for pleasure, darling. Lose yourself within. Drive tonight for pleasure, Drive tonight to win. Drive tonight for pleasure, darling, Lose yourself within...The City of Sin.
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