This Providence — Any Romantic Fairytale lyrics

I lay in my bed and think of all that was said and done
It's two in the morning my mood swings are boring to you now
You just drive away now we don't think I mean it when I say sorry
'cause I've already said it two many times; sorry, my bad
I never wanted us to be like this
I never dreamed of me treating you like this (of anything but a pure kiss)
And I'm trying to find a way out of this mess
That I guess I put us in on my own (we got us in ourselves)
I hung up on you tonight
For my first time in a fight
Whatever happened to
"you hang up" "no you hang up"?
Please hold on to me
I'm begging you and I'm on my knees again
I know you have every right to leave me
But sweetie, will you hang on to me?
Let me say just this to you
I know that we can pull through
We're always given a way out of these temptations
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