T.i. — Look What I Got lyrics

[ad lib]
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
You think them ni***z is hot
Well shawty look what I got
(n***a look what I got)
You think I'm lying n***a
Look what I got
Ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
Shawty look what I got
Ay, pimpin look what I got
Look what I got
My n***a look what I got

[Verse One]
Big wheels still spin when I stop
Presidential roll, gold rolex watch
With no rocks
I save them for the pinky
Keep you ni***z blinkin'
He ain't wearin' platinum, Naw
But I keep you ni***z thinking
Mink seats sure to keep a n***a sinkin'
Swear he ain't slangin'
But I know that n***a creepin'
Got a condo, in Orlando
For the weekend
Homes be so crunk in the club
We gotta sneak in
No more room in the V. I. P
They payin' just to peek in
When they leave
They be lookin in a car
They can't even see in
And that's just the
In the city that he in
He was rappin' in the cafeteria
But now that n***a serious
Heard he got a cl, a ext on Spreewells
Several Chevy's on 24's
(Hold up), "how many records he sell?"
Man I don't know
But he got a label now
Them boys, the psc (hell)
I heard Atlantic gave 'em a deal for
2 or 3 mill. (ay, shawty)
(for real n***a?)

Look what I got
A old school, a truck and a drop
So next time you think them ni***z is hot
Shawty, look what I got
The respect of the ni***z and G's
So next time you say them ni***z is G's
You probably lookin' at me
A what, we ballin'
Bought the bar for the broads
So next time you think them ni***z is hard
Shawty, look at the squad
I'm buyin' yachts, have the streets on lock
So next time you think yo' peeps on top
Pimpin, look what I got

[Verse Two]
I'm well known in the hood
Like the dope man phone number
Roll anything I can throw some 24's under
N***a talk bad 'bout the man
But I shole wonder
Why the dope boys f**k with 'em
And the hoes love 'em
Very little promotions on this album
Never heard of 'em
But it's jammin' like the f**k
Was jumpin' out the stores
'cause I was born in the raid
And I'm made in the streets
I done played in the days
In the shade in the streets
I say I rapped in the trap
With the best in the streets
Shot craps in the back
You know the rest, n***a please
You doin' business with me
You best invest in some skills
I sell slopes of snow
I don't f**k with little blow n***a
Got 80 k's, it's gone take a little more (to what?)
To double up and bring it back
And make a little more (You movin' slow)
And movin slow, now what you take a n***a for?
I'ma c*** hammers and 44's
And nail yo a** to the floor
And I ain't braggin', I'm just letting ni***z know
'cause the media and radio can get a n***a so
F****d up
Comparin' me to these ni***z little flow
I do a song
F**k up they whole little show (so shawty)

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