Tilt — Confines Of Love lyrics

I'm an honest woman, a representation of the state of mutual confusion =
Within the confines of love, heavy lidded darling embedding in my arms, =
I'll take a kiss to settle payment like a song for the gods. Does your =
Undying devotion only last 'til I'm out the door? Can I keep my fingers =
Away from a sore? Does your undying devotion only last 'til I'm out the =
Door? I can't keep my fingers away from a sore. Happy to include you in =
My esapes, we're the first to intrude and the last ones to leave, never =
Assume that we came with someone that you know, we'll go through every =
Drawer, and throw the contents to the wind. Am I risking complicity? =
Right here, right where I want to be? Is this absurdity? To trust you so =
Implicitly, losing my complacency, you would be the end of me, oh well =
Well you're well worth it, I've never got the nerve to do it, happy to =
Include you.
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