Tilt — Gun Play lyrics

Lower your weapon and I'll lower mine, a standoff no tradeoff, a payoff =
In kind. My only mission is undoing you and I'm doing nothing that you =
Wouldn't do. Zero in, zero in, you match my caliber, locked in deadly =
Combat, you're tangled in my cross hair, zero in zerop in, you match my =
Caliber, I await return fire. Survey the wreckage take heed of the toll, =
Delay the salvage, proceed to reload I'm automatic and I'm pointed at =
You, and you are a pigeon from this altitude. I'm standing right here, =
I'll take you on, hey you over there I'll take you down, I'll stay right =
Here, you stay right there, 'til we're out of rounds.
Submitted by: Mel
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