Tilt — One Day lyrics

It got to resembling a vaudeville show, the show of shows, such comedy =
Unserpassed as juvenile theatrics go, but who am I to tell you to =
Contain yourself? And who are you to tell me to control it? When we both =
Have prepared so carefully. One day you'll know we never meant eachother =
Harm in any way, one day you'll know we never meant eachother sorrow, =
Gotta keep my distance. I keep sifting through the loot to find the =
Stairs, this business burning to the ground, I can't look back my =
Hindsight seems to be impared, my outlook has no holds to see out. It's =
Starting to hurt when I open my arms too wide, a milky white haze =
Invades my vision, my lungs are heavy with your presence as if you were =
Standing right behind me, and I can't bring myself to turn around, gotta =
Keep my distance.
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