Tilt — Palm Tree (In West Oakland) lyrics

Liquor store, liquor store one on every corner, checks cashed any time =
No I. D. Liquor store, liquor store, malt liquor cigarettes lottery. The =
Car is running and kicking out funes, you've disappeared inside to buy =
The daily quota, I'm fending for myself to a popular tune, digging in =
The ashtray, hoping for a quarter. Mile on mile of transient hotels, =
Unattended children with nowhere to play, anger rips down pine street in =
The form of a black chevelle, but the baptists keep singin' away. One =
Lone palm tree is rising above it's glamour and dignity are so out of =
Place an ancient pick up truck is looking for a shove, the congregation =
Sings, amazing grace!
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