Tin Machine — Run lyrics

Kevin Armstrong/David Bowie)
Wish I were a sailor
Crossing an azure sea
Under leaden skies
Under your eyes
But I can't see too far
With these animal eyes
Can't hold my breath
Without your voice
An' I'm danger-prone
I'll be bound
I'll be fast as hell
Without your touch
An' I'll run run run run run
An' I'll run run run run run
Without your love
I'm a goldman
I'm a soaring tower
And it's cold in here
Without your love
Trouble in here-trouble out there
Mainline problems til you no longer care
Get a long-low life-it's duty bound
No hope-no life-no you-ah ha
And I run run run
Run run run
Without your love
I duck the shots-tilt the world
I talk myself crazy-shoot the breeze
Shout to live-shoot to kill
Double up in pain-I'm on my knees
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Songwriters: Jackson, Stewart / Quartey, Yolanda / Jones, Matthew / Brown, Daniel / Moore, Daniel
Run lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., TINTORETTO MUSIC