Tom Eeckhout — I Don't Wanna Lose You lyrics

Why did you hurt me
Now I' m crying her al alone
Why did you hurt me
I don't wanna lose you


Why did you go
To bed with that other guy
I thought you loved me
But now you broke the relationship
I can't trust you anymore
But you are still my wife
I can't believe that I still love you
Since you slept with that other guy


I don't wanna see you anymore
Until I say you may see me
Have you thought about the kids
They're asking me what happened
I wanna say the throught to them
But even I can't handle it
I just can't say what happened to us
Cause it's too hard to say to them


Now that I thought about it
I think I want a divorce
Cause every time I look at you
I think of what happened the last time
Why can't we be friends forever
After all we've been 4 years together
But now it's time
To say each other good bye


Why did you hurt me
Now, I'm crying here al alone
Why did you hurt me
I did lost you after all
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