Tom Eeckhout — Love Sombody lyrics

Love somebody

I love somebody,
But she doesn't love me,
She doesn't want me (2 x)

Strophe 1:

When I walk trough the street
I'm thinking of you
I can't get you out of my head
Cause I love you
I love your smile
I love your eyes
I'm God so thankful
That you are so beautiful

Refrain: (2x)

Strophe 2:

I hope you're happy now
With an other guy
He should be the one for you
Like you are for me
When you said hello
I fell in love with you
And since that day
I wanna be with you

Refrain (2x)

Strophe 3:

Last night I had a nightmare
Without you
It became a beautiful dream
When you came through
But then you kissed a boy
All night long
But at the and of the dream
I saw it was me

I love you so
Why won't you love me?
Why won't you want me?
(2x +2xwithout chords)
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