Tom Green — Dustpan lyrics

dustpan, dustpan,
garbagecan, garbagecan,
watercan, watercan,
dustpan, garbagecan, the watercan,
the flowerpot, the flowerpot, the flowerpot,
laundrybasket, laundrybasket, Laundrybasket, LAUNDRYBASKET! LAUNDRY BASKET!
hey yo, we got this surrounding and gliding,
i'm not lying, no denying, im trying to tell ya we got the 12 pound coffee cup,
yep, yep yep yep yep yep, 12 pound coffee,
you bought me, don't try to cough me, glossy, polly philosophy, naughty, naughty, saucy,
you' re all getting saucy,
dustpan, garbagecan, watercan, the flowerpot, laundrybasket...
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