Tom T. Hall — Another Town lyrics

Loving you was just a storybook of fair I've decided there ain't no real life anywhere
Soon I'll be a painted picture in the book of your mind
Another town is somewhere down the line
Another town another grocery store another town another set of swinging doors
And somehow I'm a little bit suspecious in my mind
It's another town that don't need my kind

Tell your mama she was sure a dandy cook tell your papa that I understood his looks
If I put it all together you're a piece that wouldn't fit
There's another town a comin' up I guess
Another town another grocery store...

As I leave you let me leave you with this thought
Time is candy and we ate all that we bought
And teardrops they're just wrappers on the ground
That a new wind blows into another town
Another town another grocery store..
Another town another grocery store...
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