Tony Vincent — Simple Things lyrics

Deep in the quiet of my soul- the truth i know
Tested by sorrow, pain and tears- through bitter years
Waiting for answers to my prayers- you were there
The days and nights you brought me through
Shaped my faith in you
It's the simple things- i hold on to
It's the simple things- i find in you
It's to you i sing and to you i cling
It's the simple things
It's the simple things- that make me see
It's the simple things- that set me free
As i learn to wait you renew my faith
Through the simple things- knowing you're my Lord
Finding your promises of hope- the words you spoke
Friends beside me on this road- to share the load
Pouring my heart out unto you- and listening too
Resting in your perfect love- i can't get enough
These things that i could never live without
The means of grace to guide my heart
When i'm lost in this world of doubt
You bring me home (to the...)
From the album...'Tony Vincent'.
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Songwriters: ASHWORTH
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