Total — Spend Some Time lyrics

Baby can we spend some time,
But if only for one night,
I wanna be together, I wanna be with you.
(repeat x2)

Verse one:
All of my days and nights,
I spend dreaming of us together.
I never realised how much of my time,
Goes to thinking of you,
You're all that's on my mind.

Repeat chorus

Verse two:
I wanna talk to you,
About the things that we can do,
Is that alright with you?
Can we work this out,
I need to be sure,
That you understand what love is all about.

Repeat chorus

All my days, and all my nights,
I wanna be with you tonight.
Baby can we spend some time,
I wanna be with you
(repeat x2)

Repeat chorus and bridge to fade
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Songwriters: Combs, Sean / Evans, Faith Renee / Noble, Gip Edward Jr. / Womack, Linda / Womack, Cecil / Olivier, Jean Claude / Drakeford, Lee / Robinson, Terri E
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