Toxik — A Dream lyrics

Take My Tears
That Come To Me
I Can't
Wipe Them Away
You Told Me That
I Could Be There
On The fucking Day
It Was A Rainy Night
And We Just
Got Over A Fight
This Time Let's
Make It Last
Not Like It Was
In The Past

Take My Hand
And Don't Let Go
The Memories Fade
On There Own

I Tried To Help
You Would Not Let Me
You Let Go
Of My Hand
Now Your Drowning In
Your Own Blood

It Wasn't Suppost To
Happen Like That
You Drifted Away
With The Tide
You fucked Up
My Life
Now You Suffer

I Wish That I
Could Hold Your Hand
Now Your Body
Washed Up On
The Sand

No More Days
Spent Hand In Hand
Then You Reolize
It Was All A
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