Trae — Skee Live Freestyle lyrics

What it do?
Man what it do?

Tell me this damn thing playing with the temper
I don't give a fuck about nothing these niggers talking
If you ask me niggers bluffing
I don't give a fuck of hood busting
Gimme this Kush nigger what the business
Back up nigger's teeth remove'em like a dentist
I'm loaded keep going like I couldn't do this
Nigger I'm the king of the street
Everybody finna see this seat
Bitch this beat I put'em in a coma
Sleepless you've been here looking for yo feet
Bullet's in yo teeth'
Nigger with a lead I pull'up on yo block
With an ass so teen that will guap
What you could get for a week, look at what it do
I'm about what every about bitch I don't get you in the hook
But fuck up yo house bitch run up on the truth
Something I thought be coming and hit you with that mic
ABM motherfucker nothing else to it
I ball first ain't nobody else do it
If I owe you give it to you Imma get that
I don't get back Imma'

What it do?
What it do?
What it do?
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