Tub Ring — Raindrops lyrics

Raindrops are falling on my shoulder
I've fought the battles of a soldier
One day you'll come back and find me
Now that I've put the past behind me
Then you'll see
That I'm not half the man I used to be

I can see her face as I hallucinate
Though she fades so fast as senses dissipate
I see armies marching through the color red
So much space between my shoulder and my head

It was another part of me
An extension of my feelings
And though it seems so mockingly
She holds the Ottawa Treaty
And when she comes to carry me
Will she notice that I'm lighter
Will she empathize my pain
Will she identify with me

Raindrops are falling on my shoulder
Every breath I grow much older
And I know my lover is an angel
Kiss me and save me from my final hell

Raindrops soak my shoulder
Seems so out of place
As the storm grows closer
Soon it hits my face

Raindrops are falling on my shoulder
Soon I'll face away
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