Twelfth Night — We Are Sane lyrics

(Geoff Mann)
i) te dium
ii) we are sane
iii) dictator's excuse me

i) In upstairs rooms
The meals are eaten
The cars in the garage ready to go-go
Disco baby she'd no tear
Hot light overhead
Shaking meat meet
Ho ho weekend ha ha party
Moo moo sacred cow
The White House somedays
on the lawn
well kept pedigree
snap over bones
surplus requirements
appetite angel going down

ii) Meanwhile below reports flop into the in-trays in-trays
Meanwhile below reports flop into the in-trays

She stares out of her window
Her will is still in bed
She has no memory of herself
For care has drained her head
The poster on the billboard
says she should paint her lips
like the smiles on the tv people
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