Two Nice Girls — Swimming In Circles lyrics

Pam Barger)
I'm watching fish swimming in circles
Leather bag I grip tightly
Makes a wrinkle in your brow
My friend now you've tried it and what do you know that's new
Did you see it from the roof
Or inside the oven yes inside the small bottle
You tried it and what do you know that's new
Eyes got smaller and you waited
I didn't even know that today was the day
Smells of summer much too much
To stop, not wait, your forgone conclusion
Loss of some life and frailty on the edges
I'm thinking in small pieces
To keep rough water waves from swelling
No accident for me to know you
No accident for you to push me out
Sparing small change for bigger days
My heart my feet my legs my body
They all will need new housing
But no hilltop manors, no milk and honey
No small words flying or promises to my baby
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