Ty Herndon — No Brakes lyrics

We won't know where we're going til we get there

But baby you can dream while I drive

Just tell me you'd go with me anywhere

Take my hand and we'll wave goodbye


As this engine whines across the danger line

Down a road Dare-Devil straight

There's no stopping us southbound sun up

In love too wild to wait

Oh, hearts wide open no brakes

There's a hunger for you running through me

An endless unbeatable thrill

And the spirit of life you give to me

So restless, so reckless and real

Repeat Chorus


You feel that lightening and thunder

Running through my veins

A world of wonder still untamed

Repeat Chorus
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Songwriters: Teeters, Shane / Bunch, Pat
No Brakes lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, PAT PRICE MUSIC