Ugly Americans — Chilly At The Crib lyrics

I'm kicking back at the chill shack
Felling kinda slack relaxed and kinda like keroauc
No I do not drive a Cadillac I got the buzzmobile
Cuz mobile makes me feel like it's the lovemobile
I got the cow print sheets on my sheets
I always got the black chuck taylors covering up my feets
I got the faux pas fake black marble paint covering up the wood on my bookcase
I cleans my teeth every once in a while with tartar control backing soda toothpaste
I'm digging the laid back grooves of stan getz and ciau gilberto
I date a girl named sister all that she's kinda hip and you know she's puerto
Rican I'm freaking and speaking of tweaking
The weekend's kinda sneaking up and baby I'll be squeaking
By I'm tweaked out and freaked out and geek by the tile grout
Its black and green and scary and the tilex fumes is kinda hairy
I got the windows open hoping I don't asphyxiate
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