Unjust — Knuckles lyrics

Broken notions of friends and the way times used to be
We wanted more, but then he's felt all before
All the angers of life, the piss righteous of men
The tables turned, and now we pace to watch you burn
Wait for the energy
Wait for the one...
The fame of all the years surrounds you..
So sway upon the surface.. Take it all away.
The fate of all the years surrounds you...
So sway upon the surface...
Lonely questions of life, and the way it ought to be
You wanted more, swearing you life and now it's born.
Painted dists, shouts of bliss, empty promise of the plan
Showered with lies, and now they grin and watch you die
Wait for the energy
Wait for your time to come down
Stay for the firsts to see
Wait for the one!
If and I forget... All the sounds inside, the sounds inside
If and I forget.. All the sounds inside, it's bound to die
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