Unlv — Come Up lyrics

Well ima do it like this, Im obligated to bust raps and peel caps
For snaps in order for me to let go my flow I gained from my
Nigero say five or six years ago so know ya gots to break
All the bigger niggas, now as I rome through my closet
Im comin up on a bag of tricks I look inside to see what I can come up wit
I found some shit I got a k, as my glock, Im the nigga that's in my hood
That can't be stopped, the older ladys they fear me
The word was out for lil kids not to talk or come near me
Im on a stroll with my nina and my black glove
Doin a job, now I rub a dub, in the tub
Now Im clean ready to pull another capper
Hold up my face is on the front of the paper
Now they gots me on the run, and Im runnin to they catch us
Im talkin bout myself, and my murderous murder weapon
Down to the end till it's over, give me the last shot
Totally out of control, but what the fuck Im goin all out
Where they at, got to go get em black, beat that buster broke and
I tell em Im comin back, this is not the life a player choose
But I gets down nigga for my fuckin snaps
Niggas watch yall back, because ya know Im on a come up move

Chorus: {magnolia slim}
Niggas gettin fuck, niggas gettin stuck
Its all I know bout comin up
Chorus: {tec-9}
Now everybody know Im a fool that's on a come up move

{lil ya}
Bitch I thoughtcha knew Im from that 1-2-3
From that nolia, still a soldier down with u.n.l.v.
Packin steel, Im fareal aint no fakin
Im in this business for this green, that's what Im makin
Got in to it with a nigga, I had to tot my gun
Cuz in the ninetys if you slip, you will get done
So let me take ya on a fuckin capper
Hooked up with mag. slim we bout to make some paper
Called my nigga tec, he must be with yella chillin
Writin some rhymes, or bout to do a killin
But fuck that, moneys on my mind, Im bout to buck
Slipped on the black mask, and I didn't give a fuck
Im stuck, robbed a nigga out two kis
B-32 it's up, I was loaded off that sess and I was drinkin pluck
Now Im on a come up, Im strugglin Im strivin
Got to watch my back for them niggas who be robbin
I went on a spree, robbed a nigga for a g added to my fuckin product
Im scored my own ki, rollin in my camry, listenin to that tec groove and
Im strapped, because a nigga on the come up move


{yella boy}
In other words Im stuck like chuck so you know I gots to buck shit
Its bad in my hood, plus Im down on my luck
The devil loose, it's shiverin in a nigga blood if I listen
Im a end, and show no fear, must run to my momma, cuz I need money fast
Cuz without money, you can't live, you can't last
I heard some new clown across town was runnin shop
Anything ya need, they got, so ima bout to plot
Now all I need is some power from a big gun
Now wants I start, I wont finish till they all done
Two hours a day I scoped the scene and them boys packin
Well they just don't know, they better get ready for a nasty jackin
Im down now, not for long Im from the old school
A small point to these fools, I got to prove
The game is cold you own yo own is these fuckin streets
So on my own, ima put myself on these fuckin streets
Im sick and tired of livin life is these city blues
I got to get my serve on ya see, Im a come up mvoe

Chorus {2x}

{magnolia slim}
Yall done slipped, lettin me know where ya hang at
Picture this, now when I come bangin I know where to bang at
Where my thang at, because these niggas ya got me pissed cuz
Niggas be comin bangin and missed them niggas don't hit shit
On the up, fuck that's bad luck
When you go around nigga set, bangin mister nigga
You was suppose to pluck, stuck got to watch yo back
Cuz that monkey all on it, catch ya loose and paranoid
Now them people got ya worried, I handle my business
Full of that fire, don't give me no prayer, don't give me no dare ya
Bitch ima go in that well, you know what I mean that other level
Passed the shovel, then ima go dig is hole so he can go meet the devil
Im done several that, daryl this, daryl that
Put that boy head on a plaque, people rat so I scats and finds
One of my hoes house to chill by, one that I live by and
One that's not afraid to die, so I lay back up by ya who up by the corner
Told ya, that's where I wanna so long a nigga a boner
Ya think I didn't all the time I beat that ass down
Now Im in another town, nothin like uptown
So while Im layin big bad by a hoe
You know some ol jinglin nigga bust through the door
I grab my gun

{ends with gunshots}
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