Unseen — What Are You Gonna Do? lyrics

What are you gonna do
When they tell you what to do

You were taught at a young age
To respect the men in blue
And due to their fucking state control
Your forced to go to their fucking schools where
They teach us twisted history
And make us pledge allegiance to the flag
Its time that the next generation learns
To think for themselves

You were taught at a young age
What was wrong and what was right
And as they force their rules of suspension
And they hope we wont put up a fight
As we sit in class absorb their lies
Graduate and get a fucking job
You don't need a paper to say you're smart
If you can think for yourself

Don't let them tell you what to do
The teachers in your class
Or the bullies in your school
Don't let them tell your how to think
Your parents or some fucking shrink
Don't let them tell you how to act
Wait 'till they see that you're
Dropping out of class
Don't let the school district
Tell you what to do
Tell everybody
Fuck you.
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