Urge Overkill — The Mistake lyrics

Travellin' across the USA, It's hard sometimes to keep it together. Nothing but the songs that you play Living's just this social disease And a couple kids believing your sound. So you, you took it straight to the highway. Just be certain not to fall with the wrong kind of crowd. Roll one up and do as you please, Be extra carefull when you cross, 'Cause static comes from every erection. Find some one or you'll be lost Think of you whenever it rains And you're just the kind who's liable to never be found. Jesus don't you know it's a shame And I, I hear your song on the jukebox. That there really isn't any like you left around. Mistake... Be carefull what you take, You've got a lot at stake, More than you'll ever know. Beware the overdose, Beware the overdose. You've got so much at stake, Mistake... Be carefull what you take, It's stronger than you know. In the USA Beware the overdose. You'll never find the time for slackin', Never gonna make it today Until you finally exit the dragon. It's coming through the radio. Look inside, inside my soul, Stuck inside my soul, There's a catchy song, a catchy song, There's a certain song, a certain song. It's a catchy song; it's number one, Too bad you had overdosed.
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