Uriah Shelton — Come Inside My Heart lyrics

Uriah Shelton:

Come inside my heart
Come inside it's glorious
Come inside spirit
There's nothing more, there's nothing less
Come inside my soul
Come inside my glorious
Love can make you whole
When nothing's more, when nothing's left
Beautiful spirit, Wonderful spirit, Marvelous spirit, Holy Holy Spirit

Dash Mihock:

We be livin down here in the Bible belt
Where some say a strong presence of the lord is felt
And people feel the devil
Preparin' for the next level
We didn't send you to church now you a rebel?
Question to God is natural, look at circumstances
Cause man created the bad the way the devil dances
Gods beauty has loved the sorts within your heart
So if you need to practice faith go and pray your part

Uriah Shelton:

Beautiful spirit, Wonderful spirit, Marvelous spirit
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