U.s. Bombs — Die Alone lyrics

Walked all around through London Town
Hung awhile on carnaby
What happened to the Soho
What happened to Kings Road
A revolution blitze
Completely smashed to bits
Of kids, what about the future
I thought that there was none
Die Alone!
A queens jubilee, the kings gettin change
And Malcomb gets arrrested for publicity
So let it rock and let it s**
The fetish in the punk rock is left for dead

At each others throat they couldn't trust themselves
No ones taking notes
Tell it like it was
Someone takes a stab and no one makes a stand
Living in the flaws of an imperfect world
A fight for freedom freedom lost
We die alone
Remember the cause
We die alone, so die with a cause
We die alone, a calling of the punks
We die alone, because I still trust no one.
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Songwriters: Chip Hanna, Kerry Martinez, Duane Thomas Peters, Wade Walston
Die Alone lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group