Useless Id — Not My Scene lyrics

They wont admit,
They breed defeat
We all repeat the same old song,
And you're too far gone,
The truth is known.
Refuse to sell the lies you're numb enough to tell,
I don't care if you'll stay.
Its not my scene if it's only back stabing.
Rolling in is obscene.
No one wanted your lies fronted in a curtin of gold,
I won't sympathize your lack of wise words are the symptoms of our fall.
The kids don't care,
They are not even there,
Whoever told you life was fair,
They refuse to buy,
Your song is just a lullaby,
Its time to say goodbye.
I won't fall again I won't let you tell, take me with
You into this grey and blue, area it's hard to find one anyway,
I don't care if you'll stay.
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